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Our Academy gives you 9 full-length courses, a year of ongoing education, and 1:1 coaching lessons for less than most marketers charge for 1 underwhelming product.

(4.91-star average rating from 1300+ students)

Typical marketing courses suck.

Well, not exactly.

Let’s be specific:

  • Marketing and “make money online” courses sometimes have good information and a positive ROI.
  • But paying $100-300+ for a few hours of video and some PDFs just doesn’t feel right.

Shouldn’t you get more?

We think so.

That’s why we put together an offer with:

  • 9 courses covering blogging, SEO, personal branding, content writing, copywriting, email marketing, and more. These include over 30 hours of video education.
  • Instruction from our CEO Tim Stoddart, who has used content marketing to build an 8-figure portfolio of businesses.
  • Instruction from Charles Miller, who has amassed 1,000,000 followers and made $10,000,000 for his personal brand growth clients.
  • A price that’s lower than what most marketers charge for a couple hours of video and a few PDFs.

“10x the value for the same price” sounds like a corny marketing slogan, but in this case, it’s actually true.

Here are a few words from Tim and Charles…


Hi. I’m Tim Stoddart. Here’s what I do:

But when I first started… I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to build an online business and live life on my own terms.

Shortly after starting Sober Nation, I discovered a website called Copyblogger. I became obsessed. I read every article, listened to every podcast episode, and opened every email.

By applying the lessons I learned from it, I was able to expand my little blog into an 8-figure media empire.

I didn’t study this stuff at a college. Copyblogger was my only education.

Since then, I’ve built 4 more healthcare sites, a multimillion-dollar SEO agency, and bought stakes in a dozen other companies.

Eventually, I also bought Copyblogger, the resource that helped me get started in the first place.

How’s that for everything coming full circle?

Copyblogger taught me everything I know. I am proof that content marketing works.

In 2022, my companies grossed more than $5 million. I’m now a millionaire.

But the best part?

I’ve never spent a single dollar on advertising.

That’s the beauty of content marketing.

You can get started for $0.

You can build offers for $0.

You can generate traffic for $0.

Then, you can sell millions of dollars worth of product.

That’s a lot of potential reward for no risk.

Everything I have has come from creating great content, building audiences, learning copywriting, and mastering sales.

Now I’m giving back to people who are where I was a decade ago:

Lost, confused, frustrated, and hoping to find something that changes everything.

That “something” is this community.

I hope you love it.

Now, let me pass this off to my partner…


Hey, Charles here. I’ll be quick...

When Tim offered to bring me into this community, I instantly saw how valuable our partnership would be for Academy members.

Here’s why:

The community was already great.

But now that I’m a partner, it’s my baby, and I’m gonna make it the best resource on the internet for people who want to grow their income with content.

Why Content?

There are hundreds of businesses you can start.

So why choose a content business?

The answer is free traffic.

Tim started his agency with $0.

All he had was an offer and a blog.

Now he gets inbound leads for free and has turned them into a $100k+ per month agency.

That means he got in with no risk but still won big.

Charles started his personal brand with $0.

Now he gets inbound leads for services and product buyers.

That means he also got in with no risk but still won big.

There’s a famous business concept called “small bets with disproportionate returns.”

It refers to risks you can take that are tiny but have massive potential outcomes.

Creating content is one of those bets.

One LinkedIn post can get you your dream job.

One blog post can get you a new client every month.

One Twitter thread can get you 10,000 followers.

We know because all of those have happened to us.

Now we want to teach you how to do the same.

If you’re looking for a bet in life, choose content creation.

Every piece of content you publish is a lottery ticket.

Keep buying them until you win.

Why Pay?

You’ve probably heard this 100 times.

“Paying just $X will save you months of trial and error!”

That’s a cliché, but it’s true.

There are people who:

  • Burn $1,000-100,000 on bad plans, when a little bit of education would’ve meant not stepping on that landmine.
  • Spend 1-2 years using the wrong strategies, when a little bit of education would’ve meant using the right ones.
  • Give up completely because they’re lost and don’t see how they could ever find a path forward.

Paying for education isn’t ideal.

But paying 10x more in time/money wasted is much worse.

Don’t make that mistake.

Invest in yourself and rig the game in your favor.

Why A Community?

Buying a course gives you a huge hit of dopamine.

That’s true of every purchase, but info products especially.

Then you… 

  • Don’t even start the course.
  • Do start it but don’t finish.
  • Finish it but never take action.
  • Take action but never update your education.

The fact is that self-paced education has huge flaws.

Being in a community solves them.

It lets you… 

  • Find accountability partners.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.
  • Get updated education from instructors.
  • Form strategic partnerships with other creators.
  • Keep coming back to courses as they get updated.

We could’ve built one course, released it for $150, then repeated that process every year for the next 10 years.

It probably would’ve been more profitable.

But it would’ve been worse for you.

Standalone courses are basic and outdated.

Communities are the evolution.

If you truly want to win, join ours instead of buying another course that just collects digital dust.

What You’re Getting


Your Masterclasses

Here are some of the guest masterclasses we’ve had (you can access all of those as soon as you join)…

How to Craft a Sponsorship Pitch No Brand Will Ignore

Justin Moore

Easily generate sponsorships for your podcast, newsletter, or blog.

The Content Marketing Playbook

Steph Smith

Get behind-the-scenes access to Steph's masterclass, called "Doing Content Right", which has generated hundreds of thousands in revenue.

The Future of SEO

Mike King

Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of content and SEO. Mike teaches you how to use A.I. as a tool that will skyrocket your SEO and increase your organic traffic.

Content Management for the Pros

Amanda Natividad

Learn how to build a strategy, identify opportunities, and creates a content management system that does the hard work for you.

Build a 7 Figure Coaching Business

Dan Go

Become a world class coach by creating great stories and build an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers.

create digital products that scale

Jack Butcher

Build Once, Sell Twice! Jack teaches us how to create digital products that sell and maintain 98% profit margins.

Build the Business of YOU

Chris Ducker

Learn the step by step process of creating a personal brand business which centers around your skillset, your personality, and the value you wish to bring to the world.

your own newsletter that generate big profits

polina pompliano

Polina is the founder of the wildly successful newsleter call "The Profile." She teaches you how to find your voice, make sales, and get mentions from "The Rock."

The Movement Persuation Framework

Brian Clark

Copyblogger Founder, Brian Clark, gives you his latest insights on how to serve your audience and persuade them through "movement."

build in public and create a community of raving fans (and customers)

Kevon Cheung

Go from 0 to $1M by following the "build in public" framework. This strategy works WHICH MEANS you can make money by doing work you love.

10X your conversions with web personalization

Brennan Dunn

Create individualized messages and copy for your audience by discovering their personal interests and identifying their goals.

What People Are Saying

Endorsements of the community, Tim, Charles, and Copyblogger.

How Much?

We could easily sell Copyblogger Academy for $3,000 a year. The courses alone are worth $300+ each.

But we’re here to pass on what was given to us. For that reason, we’re offering you access to the entire Copyblogger Academy for just $199 a year.

7 Figure Inner Circe

$1999 / year
  • Everything In “Mastery” Plan
  • Access to the Round Table VIP Portal
  • Unlimited Private 1-1 Access to Tim
  • Unlimited Private 1-1 Access to Charles
  • Exclusive Perks and Resources
  • High-Level Sales Training
  • High-Level Content Training
  • High-Level Copywriting Training
  • Review Of Current Strategy
  • Action Plan For Accelerated Growth
  • Social Media Growth Assistance

What If You Don’t Like It?

If Copyblogger Academy isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then we don’t want your money.

Just send a refund request in the first 7 days after joining, and you’ll get it. No questions asked.

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