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Most groups only educate you. We educate you and put your content in front of hundreds of thousands of people. We're offering you a growth engine for copywriters, content writers, ghostwriters, and marketers. That means guaranteed exposure and faster monetization.

Your growth is 100% guaranteed. As long as you create content, you will grow. No exceptions.

What People Are Saying

Hey, this is Charles Miller. I’ll tell you exactly what you get in a minute. But first, here are some testimonials from people who have worked with me and Tim…

"It’s A Big Club, And You Ain’t In It"


If you don’t know me already, here’s a photo. I use this stupid joke picture everywhere because I never take any of myself.

Anyway, every successful personal brand has the same secret. Most of them desperately don’t want people to know about it. But before I reveal it to you, here’s what I’ve been up to for the last 6 years:

All that brand-building taught me the secret.

Here it is:

“It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

George Carlin said that line 20 years ago, and it was so powerful that people say it to this day. 

It applies perfectly to personal branding success.

Of the hundreds of people I know who have built successful brands on social media, 100% of them have paid for engagement, traded it with other creators, or both.

Literally 100%.

I won’t name names, but if they have a big following, they do it.

There are no exceptions.

The problem for rookies is:

  1. Most of them don’t know about these “clubs”, they don’t look for one, and they struggle massively.
  2. The ones who do know still struggle because they either don’t have the money to buy engagement from big accounts, or they create a group with a bunch of other small fish who can’t get traction either.

Honestly, it sucks.

I don’t like that you basically need to “pay to play”, but it is what it is.

Don’t get mad about it.

What you should be asking yourself is:

“How can I get into a club without spending $3k+ per month doing it?”

Our Personal Brand Accelerator is the answer.

What's Included

Let me give you some context.

My main service is ghostwriting and growth for CEOs.

Most of my clients pay around $3k per month.

They get content and influencer engagements that amplify that content.

When you join our Accelerator, you get guidance and influencer engagements.

That includes… 

You get all of that for just $497 a month

Plus, you can cancel anytime. No long-term contracts.

That’s an 80% discount from my regular $3k price tag, the value is arguably just as good, and if it’s not for you, you’re not stuck in it.

High-ticket groups like this are hot right now.

But I’ve sat in on a few of them, and none of them delivered.

Most cost $1.5k+ per month, and you barely get any 1:1 attention.

Our group gives you more for less.

Most importantly, it gives you tangible value.

The engagements will put your content in front of buyers – guaranteed.

It’s not a hypothetical.

It’s not “do X, Y, and Z, and you should see results”.

It’s an undeniable reality: you will get more attention than you were before, and you can turn that attention into cash.

Do You Want Guaranteed Growth?

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More Happy People

I promised you more testimonials. Here they are…

Why Personal Branding?

Let’s take a step back.

The first year of my career, I wrote blog posts for pennies per word, and when I wasn’t writing, I was hustling to get clients to hire me. It was grueling. I made about $20,000 the entire year.

Now that I have a personal brand, clients come to me, customers come to me, and with an email list that’s on pace to hit 100,000 subscribers next year, I’m basically set for life.

Now for some client results… 

One of my clients got an average of 35 $3k a month clients in the year we worked together. His retention rate was high, and he ended up selling his agency for 7 figures.

I have dozens of client stories like that. The startup founder who sold his SaaS for millions, the CEO who raised her salary by 50% after a post got her an interview and a new job, etc.

Building a personal brand is the ultimate long-term move.

It’s not like a company, where you sell it eventually.

It’s a launchpad for every entrepreneurial and professional goal you have.

You can build businesses from it.

You can get jobs from it.

You can connect with powerful people.

Do the work once, reap the benefits for a lifetime.


Everybody who sells education talks about return on investment.

“Close one client, and you’ll get your money back!”

The problem is that there’s a big gap between cause and effect.

Education needs to lead to action. Action usually needs to be consistent for months. Then, you might get a result.

Our Accelerator isn’t like that.

We give you a uniquely good chance at getting fast ROI because we’re putting your content in front of people.

Most online businesses use some kind of paid advertising.

This group gives you targeted advertising that feels organic and tends to generate high-quality leads.

There’s no huge gap between education and payoff here.

It’s a tiny gap.

You create content, we help you with it, and we put it in front of buyers.

It happens fast.

There’s a good chance you’ll get a client or a few customers within 30 days.

That’s what makes our Accelerator special.


Copywriters, content writers, and ghostwriters who want to get a lot of traction on LinkedIn and some traction on other platforms. You’ll get better ROI if you have a service to sell.

LinkedIn is the primary platform. That’s where engagements go farthest. We’ll also give you Twitter and Instagram engagements, but those will have less impact.

No. Our engagements alone are more than worth the price. If you want to also get content critiques and connect with other serious creators, those are just bonuses.

People who want to “kick the tires” on personal branding without taking it seriously and people who have very small niches.

We don’t just educate you. We also give you direct growth assistance, and we do it for a lot cheaper than typical influencer marketing.

Content writing, copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing, networking, and every other skill you need to thrive as a personal brand. You’ll also get engagement support, which is guaranteed to put your content in front of thousands of people.

Your plan will upgrade to our Personal Brand Accelerator. If you ever want out of it, you can go back to your original plan or cancel entirely.

No. We don’t give refunds for this offer. All sales are final.

Log into the community on desktop, click on your profile photo in the top right corner, go to the billing page, and cancel your subscription. You can also contact Charles Miller and ask him to do it.

What You’re Getting


Your Masterclasses

Here are some of the guest masterclasses we’ve had (you can access all of those as soon as you join)…

How to Craft a Sponsorship Pitch No Brand Will Ignore

Justin Moore

Easily generate sponsorships for your podcast, newsletter, or blog.

The Content Marketing Playbook

Steph Smith

Get behind-the-scenes access to Steph's masterclass, called "Doing Content Right", which has generated hundreds of thousands in revenue.

The Future of SEO

Mike King

Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of content and SEO. Mike teaches you how to use A.I. as a tool that will skyrocket your SEO and increase your organic traffic.

Content Management for the Pros

Amanda Natividad

Learn how to build a strategy, identify opportunities, and creates a content management system that does the hard work for you.

Build a 7 Figure Coaching Business

Dan Go

Become a world class coach by creating great stories and build an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers.

create digital products that scale

Jack Butcher

Build Once, Sell Twice! Jack teaches us how to create digital products that sell and maintain 98% profit margins.

Build the Business of YOU

Chris Ducker

Learn the step by step process of creating a personal brand business which centers around your skillset, your personality, and the value you wish to bring to the world.

your own newsletter that generate big profits

polina pompliano

Polina is the founder of the wildly successful newsleter call "The Profile." She teaches you how to find your voice, make sales, and get mentions from "The Rock."

The Movement Persuation Framework

Brian Clark

Copyblogger Founder, Brian Clark, gives you his latest insights on how to serve your audience and persuade them through "movement."

build in public and create a community of raving fans (and customers)

Kevon Cheung

Go from 0 to $1M by following the "build in public" framework. This strategy works WHICH MEANS you can make money by doing work you love.

10X your conversions with web personalization

Brennan Dunn

Create individualized messages and copy for your audience by discovering their personal interests and identifying their goals.

What People Are Saying

Endorsements of the community, Tim, Charles, and Copyblogger.

How Much?

We could easily sell Copyblogger Academy for $3,000 a year. The courses alone are worth $300+ each.

But we’re here to pass on what was given to us. For that reason, we’re offering you access to the entire Copyblogger Academy for just $199 a year.

7 Figure Inner Circe

$1999 / year
  • Everything In “Mastery” Plan
  • Access to the Round Table VIP Portal
  • Unlimited Private 1-1 Access to Tim
  • Unlimited Private 1-1 Access to Charles
  • Exclusive Perks and Resources
  • High-Level Sales Training
  • High-Level Content Training
  • High-Level Copywriting Training
  • Review Of Current Strategy
  • Action Plan For Accelerated Growth
  • Social Media Growth Assistance

One More Bit Of Love

We’ll finish with a few more testimonials… 

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